Sport Fan Review

2 min readOct 18, 2022

Nothing here can be considered as a financial advise

πŸ”΄- Something is wrong, scam
🟠- Low hype, low quality
🟑- Medium hype, can be something good but not long term
🟒- Good hype, long term possibility
🟣- Super hyped, just a bomb project

18 October 2022 14:00 UTC

Name: Sport Fan

1. Project idea
The idea is to make a betting dapp. The user will have to buy NFT for the token and then can bet and get rewards. Also will have some options of betting without NFTs.
They are planning to make a launchpad and game as well.
Tokens utility is betting and buying NFT.

-Betting dapp

Utility review:
Can be interesting with betting idea. Here is as always a question what is done:) As for now they just have a dapp where nothing is really working. No launchpad and game yet.

Utility rating: 🟠 (with potential of been 🟒 in case everything would be done and work)

2. Roadmap
Roadmap is simple but everything is followed up.

3. Website and whitepaper
Website is simple. Working well. Design is fine. Clickable things are clickable:) Whitepaper is simple and clear.

Website and whitepaper rating: 🟑(whitepaper 🟒)

4. TG and other socials
TG has been created on 10th October 2022. Almost no real activity.
Have as well Twitter and Discord with bots.

TG and other socials rating: 🟠

5. Private Sale

6. Team Dev Previous projects
Not known team. Not known dev.

Team rating: 🟠

7. Audit, KYC, SAFU, Doxx
by Coinsult
KYC by SolidProof
SAFU not
Doxx no

SAFU rating: 🟒

8. Marketing
Done: Caesar and some small calls.
Planned: No info

Marketing rating: 🟠

9. Tokenomics:

HC: 250 BNB
Max Contribution: 1.2 BNB
Platform: Pinksale
Unlocked tokens: Almost nothing
LP percent: 60%
Liquidity lock time: 1 year
Whitelist or Public: Whitelist (Gleam)
Launch time: 1 hour after
Tax: Buy 3% (1% liquidity, 1% marketing, 1% rewards), sell 4%(1% liquidity, 1% marketing, 2% rewards)
Listing price: 1.05X

HC is not lowest but still can be acceptable for a good project. Everything is standard but whitelist is not hyped at all, launch 1 hour after which is not for this project. Good tax.

Tokenomics rating: 🟠

Final conclusion: The idea can work well. But nothing is done. No dapp. No traffic at all. No marketing as for now. No info about the team.

Final rating: 🟠

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