Emet Review

Nothing here can be considered as a financial advise

🔴- Something is wrong, scam
🟠- Low hype, low quality
🟡- Medium hype, can be something good but not long term
🟢- Good hype, long term possibility
🟣- Super hyped, just a bomb project

17 October 2022 19:00 UTC

Name: Emet
TG: https://t.me/emetsociety
Website: https://emetsocial.com/

1. Project idea
Emet is a social media platform. The idea is to have platform that is completely anonymous. Users can post media and get rewards by other users. They will have NTF Marketplace where can trade the accounts. As well as DEX that is multichain. The project will have two tokens. FLKR token will be launched in the beginning of next year. This is a reward token for the views and promos that will be done on the platform.

-Social media platform
-NFT marketplace

Utility review:
The idea itself is interesting. Long term one. But only if really invested lot of money in it and the team works hard. As for now they just gonna have token which doesn’t have any utility at all. The application beta supposed to be released but nothing yet. Dex is released and working. No marketplace as for now.

Utility rating: 🟠 (in case the app is out 🟡)

2. Roadmap
The roadmap is regular but it says that the app already out but it’s not.

3. Website and whitepaper
The website working smooth, though the design is not nice. Everything is clickable. But there is only one button for the platform which doesn’t work.
A big fuck up is that when you click on logo it brings you on nicepage.com
The whitepaper is fine.

Website and whitepaper rating: 🟠(whitepaper 🟡)

4. TG and other socials
TG is not super active. Was created in the begging of September. The first real activity started around end September. But like few people asked questions. Now looks like better traffic though still lot of bots. They have as well Twitter which looks not so bad. But don’t know.

TG and other socials rating: 🟠(Maybe at some point could be 🟡)

5. Private Sale

6. Team Dev Previous projects
Don’t know the team. They do not have previous projects. Don’t know who is the dev but safu one.

Team rating: 🟠

7. Audit, KYC, SAFU, Doxx
by Contract Checker
KYC by SolidProof
SAFU dev
Doxx no

SAFU rating: 🟣

8. Marketing
Done: Venom, DefiApe, RugFree and some others.
Planned: They said a lot but nothing proved.

Marketing rating: 🟡(In case nothing is done after launch 🟠)

9. Tokenomics:

HC: 250 BNB
Max Contribution: 2 BNB
Platform: Pinksale
Unlocked tokens: More than 30%
LP percent: 60%
Liquidity lock time: 1 year
Whitelist or Public: Whitelist (gleam)
Launch time: 24 hours after presale
Tax: 2% buy (1% marketing, 0.5% liquidity, 0.5% charity), 4% sell
Listing price: The same as presale

250 BNB is not super high HC but for the project without app can be too much. But still can be filled. They need 125 investors. It’s whitelist presale and gleam looks super hyped but sure there are bots. The tax is low but nothing for investors. Listing is 24 hours after presale.

Tokenomics rating: 🟡

Final conclusion: The idea is nice. But nothing really done. No app. Website is not nice. No hype in chat. Have some promos that can help to fill HC. But nothing much. Here is orange for sure. But. Considering idea and if the team will buy presale they can fill it in. Then can make some fast 1.3x and get off:) The token doesn’t have any utility neither.

Final rating: 🟠(Could be 🟡 because of idea if the things were done)

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